5 things you need to keep in mind when designing a bathroom

The bathroom deserves just as much attention as any other room in your home. If you are about to build your home from scratch or you are looking to update your existing fittings then it is important that you invest an ample amount of time to get things done right.

The following are the five things that you need to consider when designing your bathroom for your dream home.

Consider the bathroom layout

Instead of beginning your search for statement tiles and beautiful accents, it is important that you first consider the layout of your bathroom. It is necessary that your bathroom not only looks good but is functional as well.

When considering the layout it is important that you start with your bathroom routine and how much space would be better for you. If you’re somebody who enjoys long and warm bath then it is necessary that you incorporate a bath tub. You have the option of paying for a sleek free standing style or you might want to consider building a more sensible built-in tub instead.

You would also need to take into account the current plumbing and electrical layout if you are on a tight budget. Keep in mind that these things can be difficult to configure and change.

Pay attention to the lighting

Proper lighting can have a major impact on the functionality of your bathroom. The right amount of light can help a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. Make sure that the layout makes use of the natural lighting in the bathroom and if that is not there then you might need to make use of artificial bulbs. If you want to create a more relaxing atmosphere, too much brightness can create a harsh look and might not do much for the bathroom. Some people also make use of dimmers to switch between the task and the ambience lighting. Another way of adding some style to your bathrooms is through the help of pendant lights. These can create an instantly aesthetic look and can also help set the tone of the space.

Use the space wisely

Even if you have ample space to work on it is best that your bathroom has a minimalistic look about it. When you free up the space it would allow you to walk in and out easily. However it is best to avoid any sort of bulky cabinets and when it comes to bathtubs the freestanding styles are simple to use and can also create a clutter free space. When choosing the Mirrors for bathroom you want to consider floor to ceiling frames to help create an Illusion of extra space. Instead of concrete walls you can even create some luxurious look with the help of marble on the walls.

Get some inspiration for the interior design

You may want to get some inspiration for colour and finish to create a sense of cohesion. There are several options available in the market and it is now easier than ever to achieve the look that you are going for. You can make use of statement tiles, wooden vanities to create an aura of grace and beauty. When it comes to choosing tapware you can experiment with gold or matt looks for a more contemporary style.

Consider the storage options

It is necessary that your bathroom should be organised and free from any sort of clutter. Anything messy can result in the hygiene of your bathroom being compromised. Placing wet towels on the benchtops can ruin the sense of relaxation that you want to create in your bathroom.

If you are working in a confined space you can start by going up rather than out and buy stacked floating shelves. These have a minimalistic look and are not overly expensive. The vertical shelves will help keep the mess away from the floor and keep the toiletries organised. You may also want to free up space by adding a linen cupboard into the bathroom so that your towels can be stored inside once dry. Keeping these things in mind would allow you to create the kind of bathroom that you have always dreamed about.