What you need to know about dual Occupancy homes

A dual Occupancy home means building multiple homes on a single block of land. The number of homes which you can build depends on the block of land and size. You have the option of building either front or back, side by side or any other layout which would be suitable to be built on the block.

One of the main reasons why dual Occupancy has become increasingly popular can be attributed to the increasing house prices in Australia.

In order to build a dual Occupancy home it is important that you work closely with the team that specialises in developing dual occupancy residences. You might have several questions about the process and the procedures and they would be able to answer all your queries.

  Reasons for building a dual occupancy home

  • It allows investors to turn a single block of land into multiple new homes so they are able to increase their portfolio
  • It is also a feasible option for families who might not be able to afford living in a certain suburb but with the building of a dual occupancy home they would be able to pay a rental income or sell it in order to live a more comfortable life.
  • It allows for downsizing so that the block can be subdivided. It would be easy to create a secondary dwelling and therefore maintenance and upkeep become budget friendly. It’s a smart way to add money to the retirement fund.
  • People might want to keep their families close by and a dual occupancy home would be a great option.

Choosing the right home design

When it comes to building a dual occupancy home, it is important that one should not be fixed it upon a single design. In fact you can try looking at different ways to develop multiple homes on a single block of land and not just focus on one design. You also have to consider the set of guidelines and zoning regulations set up by the local Council. You must not stress a great deal on this because your home builder would be able to provide you with the right advice. You should have complete confidence in your contractor. Make sure you engage a builder who specialises in designing and developing multi-home projects on a single block of land.

Make sure that you sit down with your builder when choosing the right home design for you. This is one of the most important strategies which you need to get right in order to ensure a successful project.

 The time duration to build a dual Occupancy home

It can take about anywhere from 18 to 24 months to develop a dual occupancy home a considerable amount of time is given to the pre construction phase which would include the planning and working with the Council. Your builder should be aware of what the councils are looking for. This can help speed up the process in make things easier in the long run.

When it comes to the building process there is not a great deal of involvement required on your part. However any experienced builder would ensure that they can get to work and start planning as soon as possible and keep you informed with regular updates.

On the other hand if you are somebody who likes to be involved in day to day proceedings about building the new homes you can do that as well. There are certain customers who want to be hands on so that they can choose the fixtures and fittings on their own. The same is applicable for color schemes and appliances, this apart of the process of building a custom home with Kline Homes.

The cost of building a dual Occupancy home

Most Dual Occupancy projects are not similar. Each differs from the other. It might be a challenge to provide an accurate figure. However your builder would be able to provide you with a quote before they go to town planning with the house plan. Your builder would draw a contract which would cover the build cost and any other cost associated with the construction of your home.