Building a home on a narrow block

With block sizes getting smaller, the chances of living on a quarter acre block with lots of fruit trees is a distant dream. It is just not possible to get a larger land block if you live close to the city. Some people might prefer to move to a regional location but not everyone would like to live in a small town. Most people prefer the city life because of the lifestyle perks that it offers. When schools, cafes and restaurants are close by one might consider to compromise on the size of the land.

Just because you are about to build your home on a smaller block should not have any impact on its sustainability. There are several options for homes built on narrow blocks. You just need to find a builder who is experienced enough to build on narrow blocks.

Always consider the following things when building a home on a narrow block.

Consider an open plan design

If you are thinking about building a home on a narrow block it is best to consider an open plan design for your home. You may be better off combining the living room and the dining room along with the kitchen into one large space. Open plan living allows you to live in a large and comfortable space. It creates a whole lot of space and it ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

Allow the natural light to stream in

Make sure that your home allows natural light to stream in. The more sunlight you allow into your home the more welcoming and spacious it is going to look. You may want to install plenty of windows with glass. Adding skylights and glass doors is a good option you can consider a windows splash back in the kitchen along with some frosted windows in the living room space.

Keep everything light and airy

Although you might be tempted to choose an all black color for your furnishing it is best to consider some neutral colors and a minimalistic design.

You may add a few dark colors here and there to emphasise some glamour. For example using dark colored cushions or throws on a softer colored palette can balance out the aesthetics.

Make use of the outdoor space

If there is ample space in the yard, which narrow homes usually do, make sure you utilise it the right way. You can design an outdoor room which would allow you a place to sit back and relax. Or you might turn it into a small outdoor kitchen or dining area. Your builder would make sure that the open living space flows easily into the alfresco area. Keep the color theme harmonious by using the same neutral palette outdoor as well.

Consider a vertical floor plan

If you do not have too much width to work on you may want to create some vertical space in your home. Your builder would sure that you make the most out of the space which is available and that might include using storage options to store things up high. It is all about making the right decisions before you begin to build the home.

Few other tips to keep in mind

  • Make sure to invest in sliding doors instead of the traditional doors to keep things looking more open
  • The use of high ceilings in an open plan living can make the rooms appear larger
  • Building a double storey home is also an option if you have more area to work around
  • Invest in furniture or décor which would also double as storage for example using beds with drawers or a desk which come with a shelf
  • Adding mirrors in the décor can improve the lighting and make the room look bigger
  • Create flexible areas for example a built in home office would also work as a study space for the family
  • Utilise the space under the stairs
  • Try a minimalistic approach when designing your home

There are certainly advantages of building your home on a narrow block. The first and foremost that you don’t have to pay a very large price for that much land. A narrow block of land allows you maximum space which means that you can live farther away from the street. You just need to find a smart builder who would build you a well proportional and functional home. You can even try going for a double story home to allow you more space and some luxurious living.

For more queries on narrow block home designs you can set up an enquiry with our team.