Understanding Your Site

If you are living in South East Queensland or Northern NSW, you have the opportunity of enjoying the fantastic attributes which come with the mild sub tropical climate. You have access to a world heritage rainforest and a beautiful coastal Hinterland area. It is considered one of the most aesthetic places to live in. One of the main reasons why so many people prefer living here can be traced to this beautiful landscape and climatic context.

Your home should be designed in such a way that enhances the sense of the place. It should bring about the vegetated beauty and also reduce the environmental impact of housing on the surroundings. The building design should be such that it adds value to the environment instead of taking away from it.

This is why it is crucial to understand your site and then make an informed decision when it comes to choosing building materials and locations for your home. When you take into account the sun path and the prevailing breezes you can rest assured that your home would be well suited for the climatic zone in which it is built.

The best way to bring about the above mentioned is to hire someone to analyse the site. It is only a professional who would be able to understand the opportunities and also take into consideration the constraints of the site. It would allow them to design a home which responds well to the local characteristics of the surroundings.

It all comes down to good site planning. It involves understanding the site and the climatic conditions. Taking these two things into consideration would result in a building design which is ideal for anyone to live in.